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Youri Alvites has been obsessed with drawing and painting ever since he was young. Inspired by the New York school, DADA, DIY culture, and advertisements, has let Youri create a story through cryptic shapes and an unconstrained painting and drawing technique. The burning house, being on the road, searching for solitude and nature. Simultaneously flirting with big city life, flashy streets and endless bars. These contrasting topics interact in a new way, by referring to a place forever in motion. By applying, removing, covering and painting over illustrative building blocks, these elements combined, speak a language. Enhancing mistakes and coincidences is an essential part of this process. Living in these fast and complicated times, had let Youri rethink about community and ways to reconnect with one and each other though art. 


2023- CC Amstel/ Amsterdam/ (solo) 

2023- Hoek/ De Nijverheid/ Utrecht (group)

2023- Over de brug en terug/ Haarlem (group)

2022- Troef/ Leiden (group)

2022- Dallu Bridge/ Kathmandu/ Nepal (Solo)

2022- Nieuwe Vide/ Kunstlijn Haarlem (group)

2022- Museum voor jezelf/ Camping buitenland/ Nieuw Amsterdam (group)

2022- Arts & Craftsmarket/ Vrijpaleis/ Amsterdam (group)

2021- Zwaar Verdwaald, Kunstlijn/ Noord Hollands Archief/ Haarlem (solo)
2021- Kunstlijn Haarlem/ Nieuwe Vide/ Haarlem (group)
2021- Milkfish Opening Show/ Milkfish/ Amsterdam (group)
2021- Bright Kids Swimming/ Sissi’s Expo Resto/ Amsterdam (group)
2021- Nieuwe Vide Studio's/ Nieuwe Vide/ Haarlem (group)
2020- Kunstlijn 2020(cancelled)/ Nieuwe Vide/ Haarlem (group)
2018- Bloemenbar Expo's/ Bloemenbar/ Amsterdam (solo)
2017- Cinetol Expo/ Cinetol/ Amsterdam (solo)
2016- Stripdagen/ Grote Markt/ Haarlem (group)
2016- Kapitaal/ Utrecht (group)
2016- Zwarte Gat/ AG/ Utrecht (group)
2014- Stripdagen/ Haarlem (group)
2014- Curare/ Amstelhaven/ Amsterdam (group)
2012- Metrostation/ Den Haag (group)


2014-2018 Bachelor/ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten/ Utrecht

2012 Propodeuse/ KABK/ Den Haag


2022 Artudio/ Nepal

2020 Kak/ Brussel

2015 Atelier van Lieshout/ Rotterdam



-De Gezonde Stad
-Jij & Wij Magazine
-Higher Company
-Winston Kingdom
-Electric Cafe
-HKU Lef

-Gemeente Haarlem

-Ga Haarlem

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